Executive Outplacement Services

Brian partners with senior executives who are leaving their current employer and looking for guidance on how to approach their transition. Brian's process is designed to achieve two key objectives:

  • Confirm what you're looking for in your next role
  • Identify your major competencies and achievements, or in other words, what makes you unique¬†

Brian works with Outplacement clients on a 3 month retainer basis. As a retained client, you will be able to draw on Brian's resources in areas including:

  • Weekly call (typically 1 hour) to discuss previous weeks' progress and plan for coming week. Email contact in between calls for time sensitive Q&A;
  • Advise you when you're dealing with recruitment firms, to ensure that the process runs smoothly;
  • Advise you when you're approached directly by a company or when you approach them for a new role;
  • A copy of the book 'Career Management Toolkit', written by Brian Moore;
  • Re-design and preparation of your resume;
  • Structured interviewing training;
  • Build effective social media profile for networking;
  • Advice on your career, whether to do with changing roles, interview preparation, salary negotiations, further education, performance appraisals, self promotion;
  • Advice on other things that affect you in your life, should you raise them with Brian (motivation, personal health, career redirection, advising your children on their career goal setting);
  • Be a third party sounding board for you when you need an objective person to talk to;
  • Help you to network more effectively and put you in contact with other Brian Moore contacts when appropriate.

Outplacement fees

US$ 9,750 for 3 months

Fees are payable prior to the commencement of the partnership